Professional Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning - Stain Removal

The longer a stain material remains in the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent color change, even if all the original stain material is removed. Every carpet cleaning situation is unique. Carpet manufacturers recommend your carpets be cleaned by a trained and qualified professional every 12 to 18 months. Today's over-the-counter spot removing products, when used incorrectly can ruin a carpet. They can set the stain or remove color from the carpet depending on the fiber type.

There is another type of stain that occurs almost daily. Beverage spills! This is probably the most common stain your carpet can face. Immediate blotting and rinsing can prevent stains from appearing. Unfortunately, they are rarely treated properly and timely and the "stain" can set in. There are treatments available to correct these situations most of the time, even more so if the homeowner hasn't "set" the stain into the fiber.