Rug Cleaning for New Baby Arrival

Baby on The Way, Time for a Professional Rug Cleaning

Your new baby will be spending a lot of time on your rugs - laying, crawling, scooting, rolling, playing and falling. Your rugs are a hotbed for dirt, mold, bacteria, pet dander, and other allergens. Their face will be in the rug fibers and their fingers will dig into it. It’s a wise idea to have your carpet and rugs professionally cleaned before baby arrives, and about every six months or so thereafter to keep it clean and allergen-free for a growing baby.

Also crawling and playing on the floor, children will pick up toys from the rug and stick them in their mouths. However, you can protect them from the obvious germs with a thorough professional cleaning. Be sure to advise us that the main motivation behind your rug cleaning is to prepare for baby. We will talk with you about the types of cleaning solutions that are used in the cleansing of your carpet and rugs.

If you wear shoes in the house, everything from pollen and dirt to animal waste to cigarette butts will be crushed into your carpet and rugs. Not only is it a good idea to have your carpet cleaned, but it’s smart to begin a new habit by taking shoes off at the front or back door.

Even more reason to get a professional cleaning is if you have a pet and a baby is on the way. Ideally, you’ve been requesting regular rug cleanings already because of your pet deposits fur, dander, body oils and other outside irritants tracked in on their paws. When you have a child and a pet, professional rug cleaning is extra important.

Having a new baby is a great joy without a doubt, but spills and accidents do happen often, and rugs get filthy with spilled juices, baby formulas, milk, jelly, and so much more. Call the experts at ServiceMaster Clean® for a consultation on how we can help keep your baby safe and your rugs clean for your growing family.