Rug Cleaning With Pets

Professionally Cleaning Rugs is a Must with Pets

Industry professionals recommend that pet owners have their rugs professionally cleaned twice a year. For deep down cleansing, a professional steam cleaning is your best defense against bacteria, allergens, dust, mold, poor indoor air quality, and more.

Professional rug cleaning for pet owners is an essential part of extending the life or your rug. Even though your fur babies are members of the family, they are also animals that shed, clean themselves, play and will be laying on your rugs most of their lives. As a result, your rug will inevitably be affected by the presence of a pet in your home. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as you regularly vacuum and have your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned to preserve the life of your flooring.

Whether it’s a stomach upset, fur balls, incontinence, laziness, or spitefulness, if you own a pet then they have gone to the bathroom or thrown up on your flooring at least once. Urine, like any liquid on a carpet, is not always just a surface contamination. It can travel through the carpet fibers into the underlay and even the floorboards. Feces and throw up can be hard to clean up as it can sink into the rug and be hard to completely remove. That’s why regular professional cleaning is a must.

Even if you have a short-haired pet that rarely sheds, animals don’t just sluff off fur. Dander and flea dirt is produced by your pet and the creatures that crawl on them. As your pet rolls around on the rug, it also deposits its body oils deep into the carpet fibers. This issue can also affect your furniture’s upholstery. You may bathe your pet frequently, but your pet’s odors can still penetrate the carpet, rugs and upholstery.

When your pets walk back in the house, they’re bringing in dirt and grass and whatever else they’ve stepped on outside, tracking it all over your rug. Having a pet in your home can add to the soiling of your carpet or rug tenfold, and the fibers are likely to look dirty and soiled faster than usual. It is important, of course, to vacuum up what you can from your rug as often as possible. If you’re a pet owner, contact ServiceMaster Clean® to discuss your rug cleaning needs.