Cut Pile Broadloom

Cut Pile Broadloom

Cut pile broadloom rugs are one of the best options for high-traffic areas such as entry ways and living rooms. These types of carpets usually have durability and offer a variety of decorative options. So durable that cut pile broadloom carpeting or rugs are the preferred choice for the hospitality and residential carpet industry.

Cut pile carpet has had its loops cut during the weaving of the carpet. This makes all the loops the same height. Cut pile rugs can be of various thicknesses, but apart from of thickness cut pile carpets always provide a softened feel under the feet.

Rugs over 6-by-9 feet qualify as broadloom, a reference to the looms once used to manufacture wider-than-normal rugs. These rugs are usually used for large area. Broadloom rugs can be nailed or tacked down, so it will not be shifted or moved with use.

Care for cut pile broadloom rugs includes regular vacuuming. They require professional cleaning every 12 months.