Flatweave Aubusson

Flatweave Aubusson

Aubusson rugs began as flatwoven fine tapestries, handmade since the 1400s in a village named Aubusson, France. Original Aubusson rugs are displayed in museums around the world. Copies are manufactured on industrial factory looms in India and China, and the Middle East as well as in small artisanal batches by artists still working in France and weaving the old patterns in the traditional way.

Rug enthusiasts or museums collect the antique Aubusson rugs as works of art as their historic value far exceeds any damage that comes with centuries of wear. The original designs of replica Aubusson rugs have evolved into modern colors and more traditional looks. You may find French, Art Deco or Persian designs in the modern Aubusson rug.

Aubusson rugs are expensive because of being handmade but are durable enough to use and enjoy daily. Owning an Aubusson rug remains a symbol of prestige and sophistication. When you examine the back of a contemporary Aubusson, and you will see the loose thread of the woven design and the design itself. A new or authenticated Aubusson rug will come with a certificate of authenticity. Also, there may be the two initials of the weaver, who leaves an artist's mark, just as a painter would.

Aubusson rugs are made of wool, silk or a blend of the two. Regular vacuuming without a beater brush will keep an Aubusson rug from deteriorating over time. Stains should always be addressed immediately. Silk Aubusson rugs should never be placed in high traffic areas. Handmade and older Aubusson rugs are fragile and should be handled gently and never hung up when wet. ServiceMaster specializes in the cleaning of Aubusson rugs. Call us today for a consultation.